Finn & Co. Gifts - Keeping You Close Even When You're Apart

Keeping you close, even when you're apart.

Finn the Panda was developed to help comfort babies during hospital stays, as well as to foster the bond between the baby and their caregivers, even when they have to be apart. 

Antimicrobial fabric

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Detachable scent patch

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Your comforting voice

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As a mom who spent several months of her son’s first year of life in the hospital, I know the stress and pressure of hospital parenting.  I wanted to do everything I could for my son and often felt the guilt of not being able to be there for him every moment during his 57 day NICU stay.  I developed Finn the Panda so that even when you have to be away, you can leave a piece of you to provide comfort and bonding for your baby and you.

The scent patch can be worn in place of a breast pad, or under any garment, to absorb your smell and can be reattached to the bear to provide your scent in baby’s incubator or crib.  Research has shown that the pheromones a mother exudes after birth are recognizable by her individual baby and can release endorphins in the baby’s brain. Babies can also recognize the scent of their mother, father, or any other caregiver which helps build the bond that is so important in those early months.

Your baby has heard the comfort of your voice in the womb and it is the most recognizable sound to their little ears.  Record a lullaby or soft words for your baby and play it back once or on repeat, to help soothe baby to sleep, comfort baby during nurse cares, or just give you a few minutes away.

And Finn is made out of antimicrobial material to help prevent the spread of any bacteria or germs to your baby. The sealed packaging keeps exposure to a minimum and the antimicrobial fabric helps kill any bacteria it does come in contact with.