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  • Blessings to be Found in the Struggles of Life

    Many people have heard me talk about our NICU experience and a moment that a fellow NICU mom shared a bit of wisdom with me that helped turn my att...
  • Stay Strong

    We are experiencing a time like none other in history.  We are being asked to give up our personal privileges and freedoms for the greater good.  W...
  • Research to Back-up What We Moms Already Know

    When your baby cries you instinctively pick him up, hold him close to you, maybe rock him gently and sing a familiar lullaby. You don’t think about...
  • A Year in Review

    I am such a nerd when it comes to the New Year.  I absolutely love it.  I love reflecting on the past year, reviewing goals, wins and losses, growt...
  • Support in the Form of the 5 Love Languages

    Before I had children, let alone a child born premature, words like prematurity and NICU did not mean much to me.  I knew people who had babies in ...
  • Our experience with RSV and our premature baby

    In honor of RSV Awareness month I wanted to share our story of Finn getting RSV two years ago.  It was incredibly hard to go back to the hospital after he was hospitalized for two months having been born premature.  If I could do things differently I would go back in a second, but I am so thankful for the grace that surrounded him and the fight we had in us still.
  • PTSD and Appendicitis

    I went to the hospital for appendicitis and had PTSD taking me back to my emergency c-section delivery of my son.
  • The Decision that Changes Your Life

    Making the decision to have a child was the most life altering decision I have ever made.  Choosing to have a second was the second most life alter...
  • What to Expect in the NICU

    The NICU can be a scary, uninviting place, but with a little familiarity and some planning you can make your time there a little more comfortable.  Know the questions to ask ahead of time to help you prepare for this challenging time.
  • Advocacy in the Hospital

    I have been in the hospital several times now myself and I have also been with my closest family in the hospital.  The first time I went to the hos...
  • Moving on from the NICU

    I still try to go back and “do it better.”  I still rehearse speeches to doctors, and play out the process trying to make it better somehow, but I am getting better about stopping these mind reels.
  • Finn's Birth Story

    This is the story of Finn's birth.  it is not the beautiful story I had hoped for, but it got him here, and for that I am forever grateful.