FAQ – Finn & Co. Gifts


How is the panda antimicrobial?

The soft plush fabric was manufactured and then X-rayed in order to kill any bacteria it came in contact with.  It was then packaged by individuals wearing masks and gloves into a closed package that will not be opened again till you open it for your little one. This helps prevent the spread of germs from being handled by multiple individuals. Someone who knows they are sick should still not handle the bear and should check with a doctor before visiting a baby in the hospital.


How does Finn record my voice?

Simply hold down the record foot until you hear it beep once and record for up to one minute while you continue holding the record button down. It will beep twice more once the recording is done. If you are done recording before the one minute is up, simply let go of the record button and you will hear it beep. You can then play your recording once by hitting the play button or hit the repeat button and let it play continuously until you hit OFF.


How do I know the sound is safe for my baby?

This is very important. If you have a premature baby please consult your Doctor as to what decibel sound level is appropriate. Often a whisper is enough. You can download free apps that will test the decibel of your recording. Be sure to consider how close Finn will be to your baby in the crib or incubator. I record in a loud whisper between 35-45 decibels. Click here for instructions on how to use a decibel app.


What if I lose the scent patch?

We have replacement patches available for purchase.


How do I care for Finn and the patch?

The patch can be washed in cold water and laid to dry. To keep the antimicrobial nature of the bear intact we recommend simply wiping the bear with a warm rag when needed. Do not use strong chemicals or soaps on your bear.


What if the hospital will not allow Finn in the crib/incubator?

If you have been instructed not to leave the bear in your baby’s crib or incubator we recommend setting it as close as possible and asking your nurses to utilize it when they are with your baby, perhaps when they do a diaper change, get a temperature, or change a monitor.


Why did you choose a panda?

The first colors an infant is able to see are black and white. As your little one looks around, the bear should catch their attention and hopefully become a comforting image for them. The panda is also significant because it is the smallest mammal born, weighing between 3.2 and 4.6 ounces. It stays protected in the den with its mother for its first couple months of life. The panda is like the preemie of the animal kingdom, continuing to grow under its mother’s protection until it is strong enough to come out of the den.


Why the name Finn?

Finn is the name of my son who was in hospitals for several months his first year of life. It took us a week to decide on his name as we had only picked out girl names previously, having been told it was a girl. My husband and I decided on Finn when we were sitting in the NICU together. It means handsome warrior- which he was, but it also felt like a friendly, warm name. His whole life would not be defined by the time he spent in the hospital. One day life would be easier and we wanted that reflected in the name as well. So for us, that was Finn. And of course, it seemed fitting to then name the panda who he inspired after him.


How big is the panda?

The bear sits approximately 8” tall. The panda should be compact enough to not take up too much space in the incubator or crib and will be just the right cuddle size as your baby gets older.


Who is this bear right for?

Really, Finn is made for any baby and their caregiver. The point is to bring comfort and bonding to both baby and those who love him. 


What if I don’t want to or don’t feel like I can sing a recording for my baby?

Research has shown that high pitched and melodic, soft voices comfort and soothe babies. If you do not want to record your own voice, Angela Lamb from the band, Mountains in the Sea, provides that sound. If you would like to record her singing, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, simply click here and use a decibel app to help you record it at the right sound volume for your baby.


What is return policy?

Due to the nature of the bear we do not offer returns at this time unless the bear arrives damaged or defective.