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How to Use a Decibel App

Finn the Panda is equipped with a recording device that can play back once, or on repeat. Your familiar voice can be a comfort to your baby when you have to be away during nurse cares, or to help soothe them to sleep. It is important that it be set to the right volume level for your baby's age and development. 

First, consult your baby’s doctor for what is the appropriate decibel level for your baby’s age. 

The Academy of Pediatrics recommends not going above 45 decibels in a NICU.

Go to your app store and select between several of the free decibel measuring apps including dB Meter, Decibel X, and Decibel Meter. 

Next place Finn the Panda the distance from the phone that the bear will be from your baby. 

Sing, talk, or play a recording and watch the decibel reading.

Adjust your volume to keep the levels under the recommended maximum for your baby’s age. 

When singing our talking try to stay at an audible whisper level—as your baby gets older you will be able to re-record as much as you like to adjust the volume.

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