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  • Advocacy in the Hospital

    I have been in the hospital several times now myself and I have also been with my closest family in the hospital.  The first time I went to the hos...
  • Moving on from the NICU

    I still try to go back and “do it better.”  I still rehearse speeches to doctors, and play out the process trying to make it better somehow, but I am getting better about stopping these mind reels.
  • Finn's Birth Story

    This is the story of Finn's birth.  it is not the beautiful story I had hoped for, but it got him here, and for that I am forever grateful.
  • 10 helpful things people did for us in the NICU and the text that made me cry

    Here are 10 helpful things people did for us while we were in the NICU and one thing that really made me cry.
  • Why Finn the Panda?

    I got the inspiration for Finn the Panda and it helped heal my heart.
  • How to Use a Decibel App

    Finn the Panda is equipped with a recording device that can play back once, or on repeat. Your familiar voice can be a comfort to your baby when yo...